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Quick and accurate Excel converter, supporting 10 formats including other document types as well as various database formats
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10 April 2013

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This is a utility that lets you convert data into many useful formats.

Advanced Excel converter helps convert data in spreadsheet into any of many formats supported. These include DBF, XML, CSV, TXT, HTML, RTF, RPG and even convert XLS table into SQL script. The tool will let you build sample data that you can use to create filtering rules, so that the right data gets converted. Converting of data from Excel sheets into many database and document formats makes this is a useful tool. A preview feature available lets you configure customizations and make sure the conversion would not create any unforeseen problems of corruption. The preview also lets you skip duplicates and select particular tables before conversions. The interface makes it easy to use the tool. You select a source and destination file and are guided by a wizard to get the settings done.

Once you are experienced with the tool or you understand the implications clearly, you could use the command line mode to get the job done even faster. The converter will let you convert a batch of spreadsheets at a time. Accuracy of conversion is always a concern with converters. This tool should be able to maintain accuracy closely. However, that is the thing to check during the trial period with the formats you work with. There are so many issues to take care whenever a large variety of formats are handled; it is always safe to check out the set of formats you use every day. This is a handy tool to keep available. It works with Window starting from 95 and right up to the latest 64 bit departments.

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Advanced Excel Converter is a complete solution for converting all of your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet documents. It supports ten formats including various other document types as well as popular database formats and more. Converting files with this program is exceptionally fast and accurate and it is also optimized for working with even the largest Excel files. The Excel converter supports XML, HTML, CSV, DBF, RTF, TXT and more. There is a preview feature included which allows you to configure various customizations and preview the source file before you convert it. The preview feature also allows you to skip duplicated entries or choose specific tables for conversion. More advanced users can also take advantage of a command line feature to save even more time. Conversion times are typically a matter of a few seconds, even with the larger Excel spreadsheets. The software is exceptionally accurate while still being able to get the job done in minimal time. You can learn more about Advanced Excel Converter, or download the trial edition at
Advanced Excel Converter
Advanced Excel Converter
Version 2.35
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